Person Center Dementia Care Conference

Summer 2016

Thank you to all attendees, sponsors, and the entire ElderConsult team for your participation in our Living in the Moment—Person Centered Care Conference! We were honored to have so many attend and appreciate your participation, attention and feedback. We are planning another conference for the summer of 2016, and in the meantime, please help us help other families and elder care professionals by asking questions or commenting in ElderConsult's Community Chat on our website on our Facebook page. We will answer you as quickly as possible, and you may help many others with your questions. Our goal is to provide education on the difficult topic of dementia, and we need your questions to start the educational conversation.

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Early Signs of Dementia

Elizabeth Landsverk, MD
Adjunct Professor of Medicine, Stanford University

Dr. Landsverk walks us through signs of early dementia, the hazards related to the appearance of status quo when, in fact, the elder is experiencing a decline in risk assessment or other behaviors along with specific suggestions for care and making life worth living.



Dementia Misconceptions and Person Centered Care

Stephanie Howard
Executive Director – Dementia
Regency Evergreen

Stephanie illustrates the exponential benefits gained when customizing care for dementia patients.


Legal Issues in
Early Dementia

James Treggiari, J.D.
Executive Director of
Legal Assistance for Seniors

James presents legal solutions for early dementia to address risks and discusses steps to protect loved ones.


Challenging Family Situations in Early Dementia

Eileen Nevitt, LCSW
Geriatric Care Manager, Owner of
Nevitt Care Management

Eileen covers complex situations in early dementia that need more help than the doctor’s advice can provide.