“Living In the Moment™ Dementia Simulation Training”

Empathy comes from truly experiencing how someone else feels. ElderConsult’s “Living In the Moment™ Dementia Simulation Training” creates a whole new appreciation for what it’s like to suffer from dementia; from poor vision and hearing to arthritis and much more.

The Experience: We have developed the Dementia Simulation Training to not only educate family members and caregivers, but to allow the participants to FEEL common challenges of living with dementia.

We ‘suit up’ the participants to simulate poor eyesight and hearing, arthritis, neuropathy and more. Then participants are asked to perform simple, everyday tasks in a timed environment.

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We recommend this training because it increased our knowledge and empathy even more than before. We encourage other Memory Care Communities to experience it too.

- Community Relations Director @ Mission Villa Daly City, CA

The Results: Profound new awareness and empathy.

The Discovery: Participants are often very emotional following the simulation as they tend to recall past behaviors with loved ones or clients living with dementia, now realizing new truths about the disease.

After each participant completes their Dementia Simulation Training, they are invited to ‘debrief’ in a private room and discuss their experience with a trained facilitator. We allow them additional time to unwind in an environment that is relaxed, positive and reassuring. Most Dementia Simulation Training participants need time to unwind and process.


Invite your staff, caregivers, and families from your client list, as well as local elder care professionals to learn and better understand dementia behaviors through the Dementia Simulation Training.

Dementia Simulation Training will provide two trainers to conduct the training, as well as promote the event on our website, email list and on social media if you desire. The expenditure for providing this remarkable experience to your staff and others will be well worth the cost.

Why should you consider this training?

  • It is a unique and very educational experience for staff, care partners, families and professionals in the world of dementia.

  • To enhance caregiver understanding, reassure families that your team recognizes their loved ones challenges, and to improve care.


"There’s nothing quite like it to help understand the challenges dementia brings. You’ll want to hug your loved ones."

How it Works

ElderConsult will provide:

  • Two ElderConsult Trainers who will direct and manage the event

  • Materials to conduct the event including items to ‘suit up’ the participants

  • Debriefing after each participant completes training

  • Promotion

  • Post-Training Report

Client will provide:

  • Promotion and invitations to participants

  • Maximum of 20 participants (half-day 3 hours) or 40 participants (full-day 6 hours)

  • Two staff members to assist Trainers

  • A room for staging before and after with calm music and chairs for participants to relax

  • A studio unit with furniture to allow for four areas: bath, kitchen, bedroom and living room.

  • A studio unit or office for the debrief conversations

  • Refreshments for post-training

We were so happy to have the Dementia Simulation Training at our Community. We invited a few elder care professionals to participate, but the majority of the participants were our Staff. We were all moved and inspired by the training and it has made all the difference in their performance and the community as a whole.

We recommend this training because it increased our knowledge and empathy even more than before. We encourage other Memory Care Communities to experience it too.
— Community Relations Director, Mission Villa Memory Care, Daly City, CA