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All About Hospice: Loss, Grief and Process

What exactly IS hospice? What does hospice ‘do? How can it help with caregiving? Can patients go on/off? What is the difference between Hospice and Palliative care? Common myths, the hospice philosophy of care, hospice in a nursing home, how to access hospice, how and when to talk to your physician about hospice care.

Dementia Answers Workshops

Caregivers Discussion and Support

Please join us for an evening of support with the ElderConsult Education Team

Your facilitators:

  • Dementia Transitions Educator, Stephanie Howard, has 20 years of experience developing and managing dementia communities, teaching and training, and understands firsthand the challenges of providing care to a loved one living with dementia.

  • Tami Anastasia, MA, CSA has provided counseling and wellness services for over 25 years and provides support, guidance and care strategies for families caring for loved ones living with dementia.

  • Irene Dockins, Director of Training and Education for ElderConsult

The Workshop will start with a discussion of the topic for a short segment and the rest of the time will be an interactive workshop answering your questions and discussion among the attendees.

Our goal is to provide answers, resources and support to caregivers. Please join us on the last Tuesday of the month 6:00-8:00 PM

Please go to our website to ‘Events’ for details and to register for Workshops or call (650) 357-8834 X 4

For Registration and confirmation:

For Payment call Jane Ammenti (650) 357-8834 X3

$ 25 for one Workshop
$ 60 for 3 Workshops
$ 90 for All 5 Workshops      

Workshop Flyer