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Early Dementia Conference Sept. 22, 2016

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ElderConsult's Living in the Moment – 
Person Center Dementia Care Conference

February 2016

Thank you to all attendees, sponsors, and the entire ElderConsult team for your participation in our Living in the Moment—Person Centered Care Conference! We were honored to have so many attend and appreciate your participation, attention and feedback. We are planning another conference for September 2016, and in the meantime, please help us help other families and elder care professionals by asking questions or commenting in ElderConsult's Community Chat on our website on our Facebook page. We will answer you as quickly as possible, and you may help many others with your questions. Our goal is to provide education on the difficult topic of dementia, and we need your questions to start the educational conversation.

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Medications: The Good, Bad and the Ugly

Elizabeth Landsverk, MD
Adjunct Professor of Medicine, Stanford University

Dr. Landsverk shines a spotlight on the difficult issues that face elders with dementia and their families: which medications to use and which to avoid. She shares the specific situations in which medications may help patients and the many drugs that may not help, and actually could cause harm. These medications span prescription to over the counter drugs. Dr. Landsverk addresses significant challenges. She outlines the steps families can take to improve quality of life and function.

Elizabeth Landsverk, MD, is a Board Certified Geriatrician providing house calls to address complicated issues facing patient treatment in the Bay Area, and an Adjunct Professor of Medicine at the Stanford University.  Previously, she has taught as an assistant professor at UCSF, has been a hospice medical director and consulted for the San Francisco Elder Abuse Forensics Center.

Dr. Landsverk founded ElderConsult, a geriatric medicine house calls practice, to address the challenging medical and behavioral issues facing elders and their families. She has expanded to add an online community to address care issues for families and professionals, and founded two family support groups that meet monthly.



Dementia Misconceptions and Person Centered Care

Stephanie Howard
Assist Executive Director –
Regency Evergreen

Stephanie illustrates the exponential benefits gained when we customize care for elders. It’s essential to understand which issues involve the need for the family to change perspective and which involve the elder.  Elders don’t do things on purpose to annoy; they have a brain disease that affects their experience of the world.  Learn what helps in the transitions and what does not.

Stephanie Howard is a Certified RCFE Administrator and Assisted Living Director at Regency Evergreen in San Jose. She is a nursing trainer as well as a dementia support group facilitator. She was awarded the California RCFE Award for Outstanding Department Director of the Year 2014.

Stephanie is passionate about her work with dementia patients. She’s devoted twenty years to this cause. Before this she had a successful real estate career and was a Medical Specialist in the US Army during the Vietnam conflict. She speaks frequently to nursing and caregiving professionals in the Bay Area about person-centered care and her personal experiences of forty years as a family caregiver.


Keys To A Better Dementia Care Experience

Alexandra Morris
Family Care Specialist —

Alzheimer’s Association

Alexandra walks us through a step-by-step process for finding support when caring for a loved one with dementia. This includes gathering information on elder care education, in-home care giving, day programs, respite and assisted living.  With a deep belief that caregivers must also practice self-care, Alexandra lays out a road map of where to find support groups and other resources.

Alexandra Morris, Family Care Specialist, joined the Alzheimer's Association in 1999 with extensive experience in working with Bay Area seniors and their families, including carrying the title of State Certified Ombudsman. She has a Master’s Degree in Gerontology and is a Credentialed Professional Gerontologist and Private Certified Geriatric Care Manager.

At the Alzheimer'sAssociation, Alexandra manages the Respite Program, assists families through the 24/7 Helpline, speaks on dementia research and a variety of dementia topics at community programs, and facilitates a local caregiver support group and early stage Alzheimer’s support group.


Engage, Enrich, Redirect: Meaningful Activities in Dementia

Ann Kositsky
Nurse Practitioner – ElderConsult
and NP/Care Manager, Berkeley

Ann beautifully demonstrates appropriate elder care activities that generate engagement and are specifically helpful for patients suffering dementia. The challenge with these patients is finding activities they can enjoy. Ann takes us through a short journey of what she has found that works best. She shares what she calls, her ‘activity collection’ and will have it on display afterward for exploration and discovery.

Ann Kositsky, NP, RN, MS, has a Master’s degree in Nursing and is a Geriatric Nurse Practitioner. Ann previously taught at UCSF and has a private care management practice in the Bay Area.  She speaks frequently to the elder care community and family caregivers on topics related to dementia and caregiving.

Ann is a seasoned, caring force in treating elders with dementia and has been for twenty years. She treats patients with exceptional personal care while helping educate and assist their families. Ann offers practical and helpful tips and techniques that create positive results.