We partner with Dr Liz Geriatrics to bring high-quality education to our patients. Dr Liz Geriatrics has two events that are of interest to ElderConsult patients:


Dr Liz Geriatrics invites you to come and join in a conversation with one of our healthcare providers. Every month, we pick a topic that’s of direct interest, and we host a completely open-forum Q&A. These are free of charge (for now!), so, come join the conversation and ask the questions that are on your mind.

Come here to see the upcoming workshops.


Dr Liz Geriatrics produces monthly webinars based on our decades of geriatric medical experience. Dr Liz Geriatrics webinars are informative, entertaining, and contain tips, tricks, and techniques easily used by you. Some are more medically technical than others, and thus more appropriate for a healthcare provider.

Come here to see the upcoming webinars.