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Don’t Drug Grandma: Relieving Pain and Agitation Without Sedation

Speaker: Elizabeth Landsverk

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Location: Campbell Community Center, 1 West Campbell Avenue, Campbell CA Building Q, Mary Campbell Room (#84)

Dementia is a challenging disease. Agitation is even more confusing.

  • How do we know when to treat pain?
  • How do we treat pain?
  • Is Ativan OK? Is Motrin OK?
  • How do we stop the agitation?
  • What do we do if music does not work?

I don’t want my loved one sedated. What to do?

Dr Landsverk presents a TED Talk rehearsal on medications in elders; discussion to follow.

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Upcoming Event Dates

Time: 6:00-8:00 PM
Location: Merrill Gardens — 2115 South Winchester Blvd, Campbell, CA
RSVP: Susan Adams susana@merrillgardens.com
Cost: Complimentary
Sponsor: Merrill Gardens