"Person Centered Care" - Michelle Dhanak, MD speaking in Napa, CA August 22, 2018

Dr. Michelle Dhanak of ElderConsult Geriatric Medicine will be speaking at Collibria Care Napa about Person Centered Care and interventions to manage difficult behaviors in dementia.

Date: Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Time: 12;00-2:00 

Location: Collabria Care 414 South Jefferson St. Napa, CA

For more information: or (707) 258-9087

Bladder Infections in Elders: What to Know

Bladder Infections in Elders: What to Know

With my elders with dementia, it is often not so straightforward.  Sometimes the symptom is that the person more is more agitated, aggressive or more lethargic. The person with dementia may not feel well, but not be able to communicate their symptoms.  This is serious.

The Wild, Wild West of Medication

The Wild, Wild West of Medication

Medications can be like the Wild, Wild West in dementia. Too many medications, too many side effects, too little focus on treating pain. What to do?

Radio Interview

Listen to Dr. Landsverk during a 15 minute interview by Craig Roberts on KFAX Radio. He asked excellent questions, and Dr. Landsverk was able to discuss the many issues involved with elders, and especially those with dementia. Click this link to listen: