Teepa Snow in San Francisco

Yesterday I had the wonderful experience of attending with Dr. Landsverk, a presentation by renowned Dementia specialist Teepa Snow titled “Making a Difference in the World of Dementia Care”. Teepa is an occupational therapist with over 33 years of experience in geriatrics. She is an amazing woman with a wealth of knowledge regarding the brain disease of dementia. She shared many practical solutions for caring for patients with dementia. One wonderful ‘nugget’ of information she shared with us: When you have to hide a pill in something to help a patient swallow it, most hide it in applesauce or pudding. Neither works well because they can detect the pill in the smooth consistency. Also, the applesauce is not sweet enough and tastes sour to them. Instead, hide the pill in some jam on a piece of toast. The jam is very sweet (which most patients like) and the texture is both rough and smooth, so they won’t notice it as easily and will swallow it with the toast. For more information go to her website. The event was sponsored by Alma Via of San Francisco.