Bernstein Institute, Petaluma CA

Experience profound relief from physical and emotional pain at The Bernstein Institute in Petaluma, CA.

For over 47 years, Peter M. Bernstein, PhD provided licensed psychotherapeutic services to individuals, couples, families, and children from offices in Larkspur, San Francisco, Novato, and Petaluma. In 2018, under his direction, the Bernstein Institute transitioned to exclusively offer coaching and mentoring services. This transition reflects a natural evolution of Dr. Bernstein’s work and thought, from an emphasis on clinical disorders and mental illness to a more practical, forward-thinking approach full of opportunity and hope.

Throughout his career, Dr. Bernstein has sought out the most effective techniques and protocols to create emotional and physical healing. The culmination of his quest for knowledge and experience – which includes aspects of his initial clinical training and doctoral studies, coaching and mentoring certification, fascial release physical therapy, team treatment, substance abuse treatment, family therapies, leadership skills, nutrition and supplementation, and the nature and comprehensive treatment of trauma – is the evolution of his new signature modality, Bernstein Healing Protocols (BHP), and Bernstein Healing Protocols/Physical Release (BHP/PR).

Dr. Bernstein is the author of TRAUMA: THE HIDDEN EPIDEMIC and the principal contributor to The Survivor’s Guide to Life podcast, where he shares his approach to gaining resilience through adversity. The Bernstein Institute also offers resilience and renewal services for family and professional caregivers, including individual coaching and mentoring, support, consultation and training.

Contact Dr. Bernstein through his website at or by phone (707) 781-3335.