New Elder Abuse Tool

One in ten older Americans experience abuse or neglect each year. I have worked with the Elder Abuse Task Forces in San Francisco and in San Jose and am currently working on a book on the subject beginning at the most challenging time of early onset dementia when people can be easily financially abused before their family realizes that they no longer can make financial decisions in their best interest. Physical elder abuse is an increasingly difficult issue as well. The Institute on Aging in San Francisco and the UC Irvine Center of Excellence on Elder Abuse and Neglect, have partnered to create a mobile app to help patrol officers, detectives, investigators, EMT’s and paramedics, LTC ombudsmen, APS workers and other elder professionals in what to look for, warning signs and penal code reference for PC 368.

This app is free for iPhones, iPads, Droid devices and mobile web. Download 368 Plus from your app store or click on the links from this website:

I encourage all elder care professionals, as well as families, to load this app for educational purposes as well as helping identify and report abuse as you encounter it. We owe it to the elders in our life to protect them from unscrupulous and or abusive caregivers.

Elizabeth Landsverk, M.D. Specialist in Geriatrics –