What Was Behind Those Befuddling McCain Questions?

What Was Behind Those Befuddling McCain Questions?

Last month, during Senate hearings questioning former FBI Director James Comey, Sen. John McCain pursued an odd line of questioning: If they had come to a conclusion in the Clinton investigation, why hadn’t they done the same in the Trump investigation?

Overmedicating Elders: Saratoga Talk Sheds Some Light

Overmedicating Elders: Saratoga Talk Sheds Some Light

 Dr. Elizabeth Landsverk, a geriatrician speaks about how different medications can affect elders as they age. The Tuesday event at Alameda Family Funeral and Cremation, called “Medications and Elders: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly,” was sponsored by the Social Lights 4 Change professional group and Alameda Family Funeral and Cremation in Saratoga, California.

Better Health Pharmacy now open 40 hours weekly

The Santa Clara County Better Health Pharmacy is providing a very innovative service receiving donated medications to distribute to low income patients. There is a crisis with the cost of needed medications. The view of the patient primarily as a revenue source is of great concern. Medications such as Flonase for treatment of allergic symptoms is available over the counter for $16, and the same medication, an old steroid preparation, but life saving for asthma treatment, is no longer available in the low cost generic preparation, but is $60-80. The epinephrine pen (EpiPen) lifesaving for severe allergic reactions was $10 then $100 then $600. There is a black market for diabetic testing strips. We might look to other countries that see the health of citizens not as profit opportunities, but as a service for the good of the country. This pharmacy is making a big difference for all of their patients providing no cost medications to those who need them. Information below:

Better Health Pharmacy is proud to announce that we are now open 40 hours weekly! Our pharmacists are also available during those hours to take your prescription orders and to answer any questions you may have at our MD line: 408-794-0565 (this telephone number not to be given to patients).

Our pharmacy is the first and only dedicated surplus drug redistribution program in California. We receive unused, unopened, and unexpired medications from licensed healthcare facilities, and dispense the medications at no cost to patients who have a valid prescription. Our pharmacy aims to improve health by increasing medication access for all and serves patients who cannot afford their medications.

Some important points to know about Better Health Pharmacy:

Address/Public Phone:

725 E. Santa Clara Street #202.
San Jose, CA 95112

New hours of operations:

Tuesday – Friday: 10.30am – 7pm
Saturday: 8.30am – 5pm
Sunday & Monday: Closed

Better Health Pharmacy is also closed on all county-observed holidays.

See list here: https://www.sccgov.org/sites/scc/Pages/County-Holidays-Schedule.aspx

Caring for Elders: Tips for Managing Pain

Caring for Elders: Tips for Managing Pain

By Elizabeth Landsverk, MD

Older adults are more likely to experience pain than the general population but they may be less likely to be treated for it. The most common reason that pain in elders is under treated is that it is under reported. Many elders consider pain a natural consequence of aging – something they just have to live with – and don't report it to their doctors. Untreated chronic pain puts a great deal of stress on the body and on the individual's emotional health as well. It can lead to depression, anxiety, reduced mobility and strength, and loss of appetite and sleep.