Financial Elder Abuse and Dementia: Criminals Diagnose Dementia Faster Than Doctors Do

Join us at the Senior Round Table at the Trousdale in Burlingame on Thursday March 28th as Elizabeth Landsverk, MD gives a presentation on Financial elder abuse and dementia “Criminals Diagnose Dementia Faster Than Doctors Do".

What to do when an elder starts making unusual and risky decisions? They might sound OK at dinner but then fall prey to lottery scams. 

How do medications affect elders and can they be at fault as well?

Dr. Landsverk will review the warning signals and steps to take to address the explosion of financial elder abuse we face today. �

Thursday March 28, 2019

8:00 AM- 10:00 AM

The Trousdale Community Living for Seniors

1600 Trousdale Drive, Burlingame

RSVP to (650) 521-7779

No charge.

The Trousdale is limited with space for parking.  They are asking guests to please park across the street at the hospital toward the left hand side when you enter the parking lot, or street parking along either Trousdale or Magnolia, as their parking garage is for residents and families.  Please allow a little extra time for parking.


Live Dementia Simulation Experience- Sagebrook San Francisco March 27

How does someone with dementia experience the world?

What would it be like to confused and bewildered all the time? How would the frustration of dementia manifest itself? Could you cope with the feelings of helplessness? This training workshop will mimic the reality of a dementia patient.

Sagebrook Senior Living in San Francisco will host a unique hands-on session for elder care professionals. Guided by the team at ElderConsult Education, participants will experience the challenges that an elder living with dementia frequently faces.

“Suit up” with devices to inhibit sight, hearing and touch. Then try to complete several day-to-day tasks. After the simulation, discuss your reactions. Then discuss how these insights might inform your approach to dementia and elder care. We hope this training will give caregivers, family members and elder care professionals insight into the experience of dementia. This understanding will give them better tools as they care for people living with dementia.

 Each session lasts about 2 hours. It includes initial training, the experience, discussion and evaluation.

 Date: Wednesday March 27, 2019

Time: Three Sessions: 10:00 AM- 12:00 PM, 12:00 PM-2:00 PM and 3:00PM-5:00 PM


Location: Sagebrook Senior Living – 2750 Geary Blvd – San Francisco

RSVP REQUIRED Melissa Pagnotta 415-346-0246

 Join us on March 28th! ��

Will Horses Disrupt Assisted Living Memory Care?

Will Horses Disrupt Assisted Living Memory Care?

The brainchild of dementia care advocates-consultants Nancy Schier Anzelmo and Paula Hertel, Connected Horse brings couples – a person with a dementia diagnosis and his or her care partner – together for a series of workshops that start in a barn or corral.

Michelle Dhanak, MD - Geriatric Specialist at ElderConsult

Michelle Dhanak-9-17.jpg

I joined ElderConsult Geriatric Medicine in September 2017. I am originally from the Bay Area, and joined the practice when I returned to the East Bay from New Zealand, where I had been an internist specializing in geriatric medicine for almost 10 years.

My wonderful 94-year-old mother who lives with dementia  drew me home. I wanted the opportunity to live and care for her, to enjoy the experience of three generations living together and ensure my daughter had time with her grandmother.

While in New Zealand, I obtained my fellowship in geriatrics through the Royal Australian College of Physicians. I am also a fellow of the American College of Physicians. I am passionate about caring for elders, and believe in collaborating with them, their families, and the care community to ensure the person is receiving care that addresses their needs, and promotes dignity and independence.
As a Geriatrician, I minimize medications, facilitate increased mobility and enjoyment of each day, treat pain, focus on health in food choices, as well as the difficult behaviors that can be distressing to the elder and their family.
I treat patients in the North Bay and East Bay areas of the San Francisco Bay Area.

ElderConsult treats patients from the North Bay to Carmel.

I am available for the following:

  • Assessment and Consultation with family members
  • Consultation/evaluation of medications, nutrition, daily living assessment, behavioral challenges/dementia
  • House calls and ongoing medical care
  • Educational talks for families, staff and elder care professionals

Michelle Dhanak, MD
Geriatric Specialist

Trump Gets Perfect Score On Dementia Testing, Too Bad It's Not The Right Test

Trump Gets Perfect Score On Dementia Testing, Too Bad It's Not The Right Test

"I am happy that our president got a perfect score of 30 out of 30 on his cognitive screen, the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, or MoCA, a tool commonly used to identify mild cognitive impairment. Passing this test means less than most people think. At all levels of our society, I find that the popular understanding of decision-making “capacity” is not nearly adequate for the silver tsunami of elders in the pipeline. MoCA, and other tests used to judge capacity, only roughly approximate an elder’s fitness to manage his or her life. These tests often fail to catch the nuances that can mean the difference between an elder getting the care they need rather than being swindled out of their life savings.