Elizabeth Landsverk, MD

Dr. Landsverk has over twenty years of experience in providing medical care to the elderly. She is board-certified in Internal medicine, Geriatric medicine and Palliative care medicine. Dr. Landsverk founded ElderConsult Geriatric Medicine, a house calls practice, to address the challenging medical and behavioral issues often facing older patients and their families.

Dr. Landsverk is an Adjunct Clinical Professor at the Stanford University School of Medicine. She is also currently the Medical Director at Silverado Senior Living in Belmont and has been a Hospice Medical Director.

As a House Calls Geriatrician, she collaborates with local physicians to address the needs of complicated vulnerable elders to alleviate pain, agitation and discomfort through the utilization of geriatric and palliative care techniques.

Dr. Landsverk is a graduate of Stanford University and trained at Cambridge Hospital, Harvard University.


Ann Kositsky

Ann is a lifelong resident of Berkeley and graduated from the University of California San Francisco with a Masters degree in Nursing and is a Geriatric Nurse Practitioner.

Ann has previously taught at UCSF and has a private practice in the Bay Area.

Ann joined ElderConsult Geriatric Medicine in 2013 as a Nurse Practitioner working with Geriatrician, Dr. Elizabeth A. Landsverk, M.D., together they are providing excellent care at home to frail and challenging patients.

Ann is an expert in treating dementia patients and working with families. She offers practical and helpful tips and as well as techniques that work in the real world of dementia care.

Ann brings her experience, expertise, and good humor to help families, caregivers and elder care professionals.