What Patients are Saying

Elizabeth Landsverk MD and Michelle Dhanak MD have worked with literally thousands of patients and families. Here are testimonials and excerpts from letters written by some of them:

"Dr Landsverk communicates with me very well..."

Dr Landsverk communicates with me very well in regards to my Mom. She goes out of her way and I have even spoken to her on a Sunday from her home! (Ten stars!) Dr Landsverk has always returned answers or any information regarding my Mom very quickly and in a way that’s understandable (Big Kudos!)

"Without your help we would not have found the wonderful care home she is in now..."

Dear Dr Landsverk:

I want to thank you for this past year of care for my mother. When you started to visit my Mom in March 2017 at her home, I was so grateful. I was past the breaking point as a long-distance caregiver. As you know, I live over 300 miles away from my Mother. She lived alone with physical, mental, cognitive, emotional and dementia issues and absolutely would not move to a higher level of car at her home. She often would refuse any care from her doctor who was nearby. That level of care was very inattentive at best for my Mothers issues. So, I traveled up and down the state several times a month.

When you came into our situation you really nailed down the issues and were there for us as Mother deteriorated. Your timely letter helped us go through the paces to get her more help through Visionary Care Management at home. Janice King and Yana did not give upon us and you didn’t either.

Without your help we would not have found the wonderful care home she is in now. All the helpful people that helped us through Mothers transition was started from you. You were the seed that grew into this group of caregivers that don’t give up on my Mother and us the family even with things that were challenging.

I thank God for you really and hope and believe that when you someday retire the person that takes on your caseload is as thoughtful and astute as you are to us and my Mother.

Sincerely, Thank You,
— Edwina A. and Family

"I couldn’t be more pleased..."

Dr Dhanak has been my mom’s primary care physician For a few months. I couldn’t be more pleased. She is very personable, always available, and always keeps me in the loop. I highly recommend her as a physician for the elderly.

— Tom M. – Rancho Mirage, CA