About ElderConsult

ElderConsult Geriatric Medicine is a group of board-certified physicians and geriatric nurse practitioners providing top-notch medical care to elderly patients. We strive to practice medicine in a manner that’s expert, humane, realistic, sensitive and honest. Our approach has five parts:

Quality of Life

The goal of our treatment is to improve functional ability, thinking, comfort and mood. For elderly patients, a cure may not be possible, but significant improvement is often attainable.


We strive to avoid the common pitfall of overmedication. Although we treat some conditions, such as pain, aggressively, we find that cutting back on the number and dosage of medications an older patient receives can be very beneficial.


Older patients frequently receive care from many sources: physicians, facilities, families and caregivers. We work closely and communicate frequently with all of them. We work as a support to the primary doctor. For those who are unable to see their doctor, we can provide care as the primary provider from San Francisco to San Jose.


With older individuals, you cannot simply treat a disease. You must treat the entire person. You must also manage a patient’s condition proactively—preventing potential future issues while managing the current ones. For instance, medication to reduce agitation can worsen mobility and increase the risk of falls. Our specialized expertise enables us to devise treatment plans to address these issues.


We make house calls, and strive to support overstressed families. We are also usually available via cell phone, thus making our providers easily accessible to the patient and family.

We do not use an answering service or pager system. We find that these systems add an additional layer of complexity to communication between the physician and the family.